5th Annual Pediatric Nursing Conference


Diann B. UUSTAL, RN, MS, Ed.D.
Diann is a nationally and internationally recognized nurse ethicist and educator known for her warmth, discernment, and dynamic and thought-provoking presentation style! Diann is the author of the award winning book on self-care and balance entitled Caring For Yourself – Caring For Others: The Ultimate Balance. She has also authored Clinical Ethics and Values: Issues and Insights In A Changing Health Care Environment. Diann received a B.S. in nursing from the University of Rhode Island and an M.S. in nursing from the University of Massachusetts. She earned a doctoral degree in Education majoring in ethics and values in health care at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Uustal is the founder and president of an educational consulting firm, Educational Resources in HealthCare, Inc. Living In Balance In A World on Fast - Forward is a keynote that will introduce you to some delightfully practical wellness strategies that are mirrors for personal reflection and springboards for change. It is designed to encourage and inspire you and will give you insightful ideas and practical tools for recharging and “re-creation”.

Cathleen is an award-winning nurse with comprehensive clinical and leadership qualifications. She has over 25 years experience in building high performance teams. Cathleen has extensive high level management skills which are successfully demonstrated in dynamic, high-pressure situations. She has excelled in senior levels of responsibility for instructor training, large staff planning and coordination, and the development of organizational frameworks, objectives, and policies. Cathleen is the Senior Director of Nursing at Nemours, AI duPont Hospital for Children. She received a M.S. in Human Resource Management at Chapman University and a B.S. in nursing from William Paterson University. In her closing session: Generation Gaps: Bridging the Differences, Cathleen will conclude our conference with both wit and humor, while providing sound advice on this challenging topic that affects us all.